We Like

Last Fall, We Like America, an experimental road trip by raumlaborberlin in partnership with Storefront for Art & Architecture and encouraged by Übermut Project, hit the Great American Highway. Featuring SPACEBUSTER, a mobile urban activator, We Like America explored facets of The American Dream by instigating nomadic and transitory spaces. This is in keeping with Übermut Project’s mission to bring the daring, collaborative spirit of Berlin and Hamburg’s arts scenes to the global stage.

Throughout their trip, raumlabor participated in several projects with local and civic entities through community redesign, panels, workshops, screenings, performance, or pop-up kitchens. They started out in Chicago, working their way south to St. Louis, visiting Cleveland while also having spontaneous layovers along the way. In October, raumlabor concluded their trip in New York.



For the last stop of We Like America, SPACEBUSTER took up residence in New York's iconic Central Park on Saturday, October 21st as part of It's Happening!. A public workshop and discussion were held in collaboration with Storefront for Art + Architecture. 59 artists that Storefront commissioned to produce original objects that represent and redefine […]

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