Forms of Turmoil
Apr 3rd - 9th

Übermut Project's first destination was Milano, where raumlaborberlin set up “Forms of Turmoil”, a laboratory for design and public interventions in the framework of the Fuorisalone from April 3 to 9.

“Forms of Turmoil”, reflected forms of manifestations of protest and discourse in the public realm with interventions in Milano's public sphere: The Berlin based network-collective of architects raumlaborberlin established a laboratory for design, experimentation and the production of pneumatic microarchitectures. While masses of visitors interested in design literally invaded Milano, these pneumatic structures, developed to function as canvases, banners or protest signs, drew the visitors’ attention to different topics. The participating groups and collaborating partners created a dramaturgy within the public space, using the banner objects to express their desires in regard to the city. They started a performative discourse with the citizens, thus transforming and opening up spaces in the city for discussion and exchange.

The “Forms of Turmoil“ laboratory was set up in Milano’s cultural center BASE and served as the factory of the pneumatic architecture and as a space for exchange on the performative research. The program included talks by local and external experts, such as the architect and engineer Carlo Ratti or Ana Méndez de Andés, Advisor in the City Council of Madrid. BASE was also the point of departure for activist groups who flocked the streets with their performative manifestations.

The project is paradigmatic for raumlaborberlin’s work. Founded in 1999, raumlaborberlin acts at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention. Their work addresses forms of urban renewal in process. Urban locations that are torn between different systems, time periods or planning ideologies are of particular interest for the group.

The project was accompanied by photographer Kevin McElvaney, an award-winning Hamburg-based photo-journalist. In Milan, he documented the actions and the discourse, pinpointing and contrasting them with the design-ridden projects of Fourisalone.

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