Die Informale
Sep 10th - Oct 31st

A building-sized projection of an odd, nocturnal creature appears in the heart of the city. An old TV screen plays among stacks of food cans on the shelf of a supermarket. Flashing images and techno music occupy a car repair shop.


Die Informale: Videoramas is an evolving 8-week program of video interventions in various public and hidden locations throughout Buenos Aires accompanied by screenings, talks, music and culinary events.


Featuring pieces by artists from Berlin, Hamburg and Buenos Aires, Die Informale celebrates the “quality of the informal”: the free spaces and unexpected pockets of possibility within the urban landscape which serve as fertile ground and inspiration for artists of all kinds. The project seeks to acknowledge the liberty and raw energy emerging from those unsung heroes as the soul of cities, nurturing creativity and public discourse amongst residents and visitors alike.


Die Informale is a dialogue between the German and Argentinian cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Buenos Aires, their urban contexts, and above all their artists and dwellers.



©Übermut Project, Photos: Kevin McElvaney




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