Peter Edinger “Herr Lindemann”


Peter Edinger is a mixologist and barkeeper based in Berlin. After years of experience behind some of Berlin’s most renowned bars such as Bar25 and the popular Tier in Berlin-Neukölln, he recently opened his already famed bar Herr Lindemann. Edinger creates drinks focusing on the qualities and flavorful impact of the herbs and plants he chooses. A consultation with the barkeeper allows visitors to choose a drink fitting their mood, whether they need to calm down or awaken their spirit and libido. His herbal concept is unique in Europe, only matched by the famous New York bar pharmacy.
In his garden in Brandenburg, Edinger cultivates the aromatic base of his cocktails in herb spirals. Years of experience as a bartender have helped him experiment widely, discover the tinctures that harmonize best with each type of alcohol, and develop his own signature. This
way Edinger creates a culinary experience that challenges palate, mind and soul.