Where it all began.

17.08.17 /

It was late evening of early October 2012: I was going back home after routine swim, usually I try to do 1 km of non-stop freestyle, but this evening I almost made 2km completely – exhausting myself physically and putting my mind into a very unusual place.

I gladly sat in an half empty car of the subway train, slowly getting back to my usual heart beat and effortlessly looking at the light blinking thru the window of the moving train that was filling the space and making the patterns on the wall opposite… there, at that moment, I suddenly realized that all I have been searching for as an artist was happening in front of me, right there and then… having previous experiences with Camera Obscura installations and with making direct exposures on color photographic paper for quite some time, it became very clear that the only particle I am missing was the setting the camera on motion… and when I came back home I made this sketching.