Day 2 – Getting pulled over

10.10.17 /
Obscurabus' goal for the second day of sailing was to reach Hollands Deep by the evening. We decided that we would be starting the next day as soon as the sun came up in the morning. Things went smoothly up until lunchtime but then we got pulled over by the Dutch Water Police for a checkup - which proved to be a rather friendly encounter. The officer was very interested in Obscuraboat: ‘you have a very unusual vessel, something I have never seen before - What is it?'
It was very warm inside the police boat: we weren’t too happy to leave but time was running.
For me, it was the last day to contemplate the raw beauty of a Dutch landscape: one that inspired so many creative minds. 
I have never spent that much time in the Netherlands, nor had I ever been to Amsterdam before. The whole experience has been quite novel to me.
It felt so good to see and feel my long-term dream of a giant floating camera -  not only floating but it actually being a proper vessel that was sailing across Europe. It was then when I finally started realizing this was actually real.