Cruising towards Paris

19.10.17 /

I have left Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon and crossed the Netherlands in a few very exciting days. It has been a long-awaited moment! It was not only exciting but thrilling. Building the boat was a long and challenging marathon but sailing it through unchartered waters for the first time is another. So far, Obscuraboat has sailed for 36 hours and it went through many rigid tests in the open waters of Hollands Diep and Belgian canals. 


However, after two days of rather smooth sailing, we reached Antwerp Harbor - which is one big smelly oil pumping bank. The plan was to head south to Brussels yesterday afternoon with the incoming evening tide, however, I have had some technical difficulties with the power and the navigation systems, therefore we had to return to the harbor and stay another night to fix the problems.

Yesterday I was ready to add an extra bag of stress and to go through the more difficult and longer Brussels route even though it is already challenging enough to get to Paris. Last night facing unprecedented problems I have decided to play safe and not to risk our mission of trying to get to Paris on time.


As of 0600 hours, we are leaving the harbor of Antwerp following the river Schooled\ to Ghent then Canal du Nord. Everyone I talked to suggested this to be the safest way to get to Paris. The route through Brussels would add a lot of difficulties as well as waiting times at locks and bridges, thereby prolonging the trip for an additional three days.

This is my first ever sailing trip and I have to think about the safety of our mission first – [2BOATS] arriving together in Paris.